Database management a source of concern?

No. DBA Worx can be engaged at various levels. This can be done once, on a project basis, for a fixed period of time or even with a predetermined availability. No 9 to 5 weekdays, but a pre-agreed maximum response time. Because every vulnerability can become a calamity and therefore a threat. From now on you determine the impact of this yourself through your contract agreements with DBA Worx.

We are always on your watch

As you look after the 'house', read company, institution or otherwise, we monitor your most important asset: the database. We build a virtual fence, where nothing unwanted can get in and out. Script the backup systems, implement necessary updates and regularly probe for irregularities. Strengthen where possible and patch where necessary. At an agreed rate and within a fixed contract form. We're talking about solid budget control instead of unpleasant surprises when costs related to your database exceed budget limits by any factor.

Did you know that you can count on the availability of a senior DBA from just two tens a day?!?

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