Your most important asset is data!

Interest in processes and the irresistibility of data. Thirty years ago, these were the motives on which DBA Worx was founded. Progress OpenEdge brought the knowledge and is now signing for expertise in a field in which the value of data is increasingly recognized, but investing in data specialism is not yet on the agenda. DBA Worx thinks in terms of solutions. Pour customization into the mold of remote services to remain feasible and affordable. DBA Worx does what it has been good at for three decades: DBA Worx makes data render!

DBA Worx thinks in terms of solutions and possibilities

The DBA Worx team has been specializing in the manageability of data for three decades now. Knows the finer points of Progress OpenEdge and related languages and systems. Still widely used worldwide. The multitude of alternatives fragments the knowledge and skills of the new generation. DBA Worx combines the knowledge of legacy systems with today's choices to arrive at an optimal situation. So tailor-made.

DBA Worx offers remote services and various possibilities to unlock data for companies, support financial and administrative staff, system administrators and production departments. The subscription forms based on the availability of an expert database administrator are unique in this respect.

The founder of DBA Worx is Simon Gaarthuis. At the time, as a pioneer in the field of databases on which ICT specialists based their skills, but were unable to fully understand the tools. Gaarthuis focused his expertise on the routine that ensures optimal synergistic cooperation between hardware, applications and the desired result. Gaarthuis has been working with the OpenEdge ® product range and organization since 1993. DBA Worx remotely manages, coordinates, checks and optimizes the operation, reliability and security of the databases of various organizations worldwide, varying from production companies to institutions. And you can do that 24/7! Because standing still is not an option, right?

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