Hey over there on the other side of the world, what about proper database management?

Yet if there is one achievement that has proven crucial in my daily practice, it is the ability to respond to imperfections in systems and database servers anywhere and at any time. The worldwide web has reduced the globe to a screen and keyboard. I poke around my clients to monitor if everything is going well, run my detection software to spot any hickups or anomalies, and make sure the dashboards always provide current and adequate information. And yes, I am sometimes busy with that on a Sunday afternoon, because on the other side of the world a board meeting is about to start. The data generated is indispensable for gaining insight and making decisions for the future. People blindly trust and rely on it. And rightly so.

Guardian of the crown jewels

My specialty, and also a bit of my passion, lies in making sure that others are able to do their jobs optimally. That the data they use as a basis actually proves to be a solid foundation. Database management is an abstract concept for many clients and administrators. As long as the data comes. Like maintenance on mechanics and, to name a few, teeth or health, database servers need maintenance. Because like machinery and our bodies, time and usage do their thing. Flaws creep into the systems and without regular maintenance and cleaning, they accumulate slowly at first, but then faster and faster into outright roadblocks. Acute problem! Panic! Fortunately, I encounter almost no insoluble problems in daily practice. The right tool and a little feeling are usually enough. Experience also comes into play.

I am going to use this blog to explain what database management is all about using, of course anonymized, practical examples. How the terms TDE, BI, PASOE, CI/CF, SQL, XML relate to the crown jewels of enterprises and institutions.

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